Skincare: Beauty Inside and Out

Skincare: Beauty Inside and Out

As much as I love to talk about food, I really love to talk about skincare. I scrutinize countless blogs and websites to stay current on manageable tactics. You can create an effective skincare regime at every price-point, and it is never too early to start.

I have very few regrets in life yet taking care of my skin in my twenties, or lack there of, is one of them. Moving on, where ever you’re at, start now. I’ve been amazed at how many beautiful, smart women I KNOW are just now asking questions about skincare to slow the aging process. Like TMP prescribes with food, YOU have to decide what works for your “tastes”, lifestyle and comfort/discomfort thresh-hold. I like to keep it relatively simple, finding the products with the biggest bang for your buck. Glycolic and retinol are key words currently trending in skincare products. 

Night-time sequence: 

Cleanse – Lotion, cream or recently popular oil cleansers are mild to remove make-up and environmental dirt, use eye make-up remover when necessary. Follow-up with  wipes when make-up application is heavier. In all cleansing cases, I recommend using mild, more natural ingredients in the texture you prefer. I love Tata Harper’s Nourishing Oil Cleanser; it’s a splurge. Remove any cleansing residue with a glycolic toner. Mario Badescu or Derma é Anti Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic toners are often available at drug stores or grocery stores for about the same price. Peter Thomas Roth offers a glycolic toner, and Perricone MD has a great product for about twice the price.

Serums – Here’s where it gets tricky and you have to use your judgement on frequency.  There are anti-aging serums with a host of benefits and there is retinol serum. Turns out you need both, but not at the same time. There are also different strengths so you have to determine what feels good to you. To start, test a .5 to 1% retinol serum 2-3 times a week. Eventually the flaking dead skin subsides. I overheard an esthetician say she can tell if someone uses retinol the minute they sit in her chair. No brainer, just use it. 

Serums are a little more difficult to choose. I often wonder how much of the high cost is due to packaging and BS quite frankly. You have to read assorted reviews, talk to beauty experts, find your price threshold, and trust. When it comes to serums, I’m skeptical that all natural ingredients have enough power. I’m too old to risk it. Technology is rapidly advancing so keep investigating. One thing that never ceases to amaze me: I’ve been reading beauty blogs and reviews for decades and Olay Regenerist consistently gets top ratings of all the “budget” drugstore products. 

Night Creams – Alternating serums and retinols, you may or may not need a night cream depending on how oily or dry your skin is, influenced by your geographic location, temperature, or travel schedule. You decide whether you need to add a night cream. Depending on your skin’s reaction to serums’ treatment and exfoliation, you may want a mild natural based cream. Naturopathica Argan & Retinol Wrinkle Repair Night Cream reduces visible signs of aging without irritation. Face oils (sounds creepy until you try them) are another option to top off your bedtime skincare regime.

Daytime skincare is important too. Depending on the texture of your skin, dry or oily start with an appropriate cleanser. Aging skin tends to be more dry so you can start with a refresh of toner. Exfoliation pads once or twice a week add an extra boost. Vitamin C serum is often recommended but can cause irritation when coupled with the retinol serums at night. Find the balance of what works for you. If retinol is the must do at night, SPF 30 lotion is the mandatory minimum for day, regardless of sun exposure or climate. My husband never believed me when I said you get sun rays through the clouds until we laid at the beach under the clouds in a sprinkle of rain on Virgin Gorda – he burned. 

Don’t forget your body. Consistent use of glycolic lotions work wonders for crepe-y skin especially at the upper arms and above the knees. Alpha Skincare Revitalizing Body Lotion has 12% glycolic acid often available at Ulta stores or online, and I love the fragrance in ViDerm Exfoliating Glycolic Body Lotion, again, it’s about twice the price. Sometimes shopping in store is a time suck when the product is unavailable. Let your fingers search the Internet for availability. 

 I’m a huge fan of Sephora. The website offers free flash shipping for a year for a small fee. You earn points (in-store or online) for greater benefits, advance notice of sales is my favorite (20% off most anything!) You can read reviews, save “loves” and track purchases. They also have an exceptional return policy.

Organic Spa Magazine and New Beauty are superior sources for learning about skincare products. And when in doubt, ask a friend who you think has lovely skin! You can ask for guidance at department store counters and try samples but never, never ever buy all the layers of product they will recommend. Same holds true for make-up makeovers. Know your self, know your behaviors and gradually add products to your regime. 

Skincare Shortlist

Lotion, cream or oil cleanser
Eye make-up remover
Natural wipes
Glycolic toner
Retinol serum
Anti-aging serum
Eye cream
Night cream or face oil
Vitamin C serum
30 SPF day cream
Glycol body lotion

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