The Marshall Plan: Mindful Choices

The Marshall Plan: Mindful Choices

The Marshall Plan: Mindful Choices It’s not a Diet. It’s a Lifestyle

My first book, The Marshall Plan: Being Good to Be Bad, is somewhat of an entry level guide how to make smart choices for a healthier lifestyle without controlled dieting. We know diets do not work. One has to learn to make smart choices in all kinds of circumstances we face everyday of the year. The objective is to learn and acquire tastes that support your heathy weight goals in all aspects of life be it at work, at play, on vacation, over the holidays, when you can completely control what goes on in your life, and so many times when we can not control what goes in our lives, we revert to old habits or giving up. And let’s be realistic, we can not Be Good all the time. Many professionals suggest the 80:20 rule, be good 80% of the time, and be bad 20%. Life isn’t that easy and I have never been one to abide by rigid rules. Every day is a new opportunity to Be Good. For one client, it was like a light bulb went off in her head: just because she splurged in one meal, didn’t mean the day (or the entire weekend) was a bust. If ya think about it, we need to make Mindful Choices about what we eat everyday and all day. And every day offers the opportunity to Be Good as soon as we choose. As a result, I find I’m able to mindfully Be Bad more often! With Mindful Choices, you are damn sure you are going to savor and enjoy that splurge. 

TMP published in 2013 is a bit out of date. Trends, fads, facts and beliefs change quickly in the food industry, but the overall premise of TMP is right on! As a matter of fact, I’ve learned over the past five years that changing behaviors, regardless of knowledge takes time and is an ongoing process. On many days, success is a derivative of battles of inner voices. Sometimes the brains says no and the ego acts anyway. The power of Mindful Choices is the key. Fortunately it is easier to Be Good as trends, fads, facts and beliefs have grown more popular. Am I a little OCD on the lifestyle? Kinda. But I also move in circles and environments that do not support my lifestyle choices. One premise of TMP is, ya gotta live – meaning you can adapt to a world of situations; that’s where Mindful Choices comes into play.

The Marshall Plan: Mindful Choices, It’s not a Diet. It’s a Lifestyle is the updated version from the beginner’s strategy. I like to say it is TMP on steroids but there are way wackier eating habits out there than mine. That’s why TMP is so successful, it’s not that wacky. Some people have said TMP is just like Weight Watchers. It is not because you do not count points. You do learn a sense of value for the kinds of food you eat. YOU control the choices. If you need a more rigid system to learn these behaviors, especially if you have a weight loss goal ten pounds or more, and perhaps in a shorter time frame, I highly recommend the Weight Watchers program. If you want to maintain your weight and/or lose those pesky five pounds with out infringing on your lifestyle, TMP Mindful Choices works. With the ebb and flow of seasons and everyday life, our weight fluctuates. With TMP you will gradually manage your weight to satisfy your goals. 

Additionally, I will share some secrets for stealth behaviors to push the reset button. 

TMP allows you to live like a normal human being so your significant other, friends and family will still like being around you. No one ever has to know you live by TMP. When the first book came out, I was out to dinner with colleagues while attending a conference in NYC. We happen to be eating at a hip new Tex-Mex restaurant featuring my favorite, chips and guacamole. In my world, he/she who eats the fastest gets the most. My colleague was startled, “You don’t act like your on a diet. You eat pretty normal.” That’s because it’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. 

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