About Cindi Marshall Oakey

As a Trend Analyst, I research how healthy lifestyle, fashion, art, interior design and sustainability affects our culture.

In doing so, I discovered my passion: Like many of you, I love to eat (drink & feel good) yet struggle fighting weight gain. I’ve captured years of research in my book, The Marshall Plan: Being Good to Be Bad. You can eat healthy, enjoy splurges, and stop dieting – for real. 

Since my book was published in 2013, trends change quickly so I’m offering updated information via my website rather than a second book. The premise of the Marshall Plan: Being Good to be Bad holds true, only now the techniques are more advanced. The good news: it’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle and still have fun!

The Marshall Plan lifestyle is a necessary asset when traveling the world conducting research for David Oakey Designs, my husband’s award winning textile design team leading global efforts in sustainable or “smart design.” Fashion and consumer trends directly influence interior design for residential and commercial manufacturers. Once you’re aware of trends, you’ll see them everywhere and it’s exhilarating!

In 2002, my research influenced the launch of FLOR residential carpet tile and the hip hotel initiative for global carpet tile manufacturer Interface. I developed a sales and marketing strategy for the hospitality team after a long, successful tenure in sales in the interior design industry in my hometown, Chicago.

I’ve been trend-watching since, well, let’s just say beginning as a retail manager and sportswear buyer during my first career phase a long time ago. My college and graduate degrees in Business Communication from Northwestern University & DePaul University, respectively, boost my professional perspective.  

My core philosophy:  Work hard, play hard; whatever you do, have fun!