Why the Marshall Plan

The Marshall Plan: Being Good to Be Bad is a compilation of decades trying to fight off weight gain. Acquiring expertise along the way, I developed a strategy how to balance

healthy eating with occasional splurges so we never feel deprived. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.  

 There are no hard and fast rules. Once you know the ins and outs, you decide what you want to eat. You’ll have the knowledge you need to choose when to Be Good and when to splurge and Be Bad. And you’ll know that Being Bad is a treat, not the norm.

 This philosophy is beneficial for every situation:  an upcoming vacation, summertime partying, autumn football season, the long winter holiday season, or even your birthday celebrations. Being Good to Be Bad is a key year-round tactic to eat, drink, and look good.

We’ll talk about eating strategies, yet the best part of The Marshall Plan is that there’s no expectation to strictly enforce all the rules all the time. That wouldn’t be fun, nor would it be realistically feasible. It’s a simple guide for eating real food.

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